Hyderabad FC

Currently the Champions of India, the city is not new to this title. It started back in 1939 with the formation of ‘Hyderabad Football Association’ which constantly cradled immense talent and excellent personalities.

During the Nizam’s reign, Hyderabad’s ‘City Afghans’, later known as ‘Hyderabad City Police’ were reaching heights never seen before in the country. The team bagged a series of achievements in the pre-independence era including their phenomenal win in 1943 in the ‘Ashe Gold Cup’ final against Bengaluru.

A special mention to the late Sir Syed Abdul Rahim, who is hailed as the architect of the ‘Golden Age’ of Indian football. Applauded among the best coaches to date, he was a gift from Hyderabad to Indian football. He steered and shaped the ‘Hyderabad City Police’ from 1951-1963 and also coached the Indian National team to win the gold medal at the 1962 Asian Games.

It was an era when Hyderabad was in love with football but over the years, the relationship grew a bit complicated. The spark never died and come 2019, the city had a new crush, in ‘Hyderabad FC’.

Now, 60 years later, Hyderabad are Champions of India, again, and we are only getting started!

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