Mohun Bagan AC Vs Md. Sporting

Match Arena

VYBK Football Ground at 6 P.M


The age-old and prestigious tournament, Durand Cup, started today with a high-profile clash between Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan Sporting Club. Mohun Bagan started the proceedings on an attacking front from kickoff with  Salvador Perez Martinez opening the score in just 2nd minute of the match. With that, the Mariners started dominating the match with a series of attacks from both flanks.

 In the 18th minute Hira Mondal of Mohammedan Sporting Club was out with an injury and they were down to 10 men for a brief moment, however, Mohun Bagan took advantage of this situation with a brilliant cross from Ashutosh Meheta that met Salvador Perez Martinez’s header as they doubled their lead in the 21st minute. In the 22nd minute the injured Hira Mondal was substituted by Ashif Ali Molla.

Towards the end of first half, Mohammedan look lethal and started pressing towards the opponent’s box but Bagan successfully dealt every attack from them. In the 44th minute, a deadly header from Kouassi was brilliantly saved by Shilton Paul. Mohun Bagan went inside the tunnel with a 2-0 lead.

Mohammedan Sporting Club started the proceedings in the second half. Mohammedan coach brought Amirul in place of Amir Hossain to add some strength to their attack and in the 52nd minute Tirthankar’s shot got side netted. Mohammedan attempted to catch up to no end. Mohun Bagan controlled the game with their midfield showing no signs of weakness, while Mohammedan were unable to create new opportunities in the final third.

Mohun Bagan will take on cross town rivals ATK on August 8th whereas Mohammedan Sporting Club will take on the Indian Navy on 10th of August 2019.